The Bookshelf

I don’t read anywhere near as many books as I used to—or as many as I’d like to—partially because I used to have a 45 minute each way commute that I used for reading and now I walk to work from home, but mostly because I’ve fallen out of the habit of reading regularly.

The rating scale is stolen from Frank Chimero. If I don’t like a book, I don’t finish it and it doesn’t get listed, so all of these books are at least somewhat recommended. Books with one heart are ones that I think are really good, books with two hearts are the literary equivalent of Breaking Bad; i.e. books I won’t stop talking about, even long after it has become insanely boring for everybody else. Books with a star are the ones I’m currently reading (and have a reasonable expectation of finishing).

Disclosure: If you buy a book using one of my Bookshop links, I'll get a little kickback from them (which I'm likely going to spend on more books). And you'll also be supporting independent bookstores, which is an awesome thing to do.