Cam Pegg

Universal Laws of the World

If something is true in one field it’s probably true in others. Restricting your attention to your own field blinds you to how many important things people from other fields have figured out that are relevant to your own.

Collaborative Fund • 2457 words • 11 minute read

The Trouble with Theories of Everything

There is no known physics theory that is true at every scale—there may never be. Whenever you say anything about your daily life, a scale is implied. Try it out. “I’m too busy” only works for an assumed time scale: today, for example, or this week. Not this century or this nanosecond.

Nautilus • 2159 words • 10 minute read

The Serendipity Engine

Earlier this year I left my job. I felt a strong urge to recharge physically and – more important – mentally. The role had created a series of positive connections and had me embark on an intense public speaking spree, but I was exhausted and creatively stuck.

789 words • 4 minute read

Fast Software, the Best Software

I love fast software. That is, software speedy both in function and interface. Software with minimal to no lag between wanting to activate or manipulate something and the thing happening. Lightness. Software that’s speedy usually means it’s focused.

2512 words • 11 minute read

Globalisation is dead and we need to invent a new world order

HAS THE world witnessed “peak democracy”? Is the future one in which open societies with free markets vie for influence in global affairs with authoritarian countries under state capitalism? The very questions evoke a nostalgia for a seemingly simpler past.

The Economist • 2348 words • 11 minute read

Frank Chimero on causing ‘good trouble’ and re-imagining the status quo to combat achievement culture

Frank Chimero has long been on our interview wish list. The Brooklyn-based designer, illustrator and author of The Shape of Design has had quite the whirlwind career so far.

1687 words • 8 minute read

You’re probably using the wrong dictionary

The way I thought you used a dictionary was that you looked up words you’ve never heard of, or whose sense you’re unsure of. You would never look up an ordinary word — like example, or sport, or magic — because all you’ll learn is what it means, and that you already know.

3310 words • 15 minute read

Into the Personal-Website-Verse

Social media in 2019 is a garbage fire. What started out as the most promising development in the history of the Web – the participation of users in the creation of content and online dialogue at scale – has turned into a swamp of sensation, lies, hate speech, harassment, and noise.

2989 words • 14 minute read

Why Fiction Trumps Truth

We humans know more truths than any species on earth. Yet we also believe the most falsehoods. Mr. Harari is a historian.

The New York Times • 1569 words • 7 minute read

The New Wilderness

The need to regulate online privacy is a truth so universally acknowledged that even Facebook and Google have joined the chorus of voices crying for change.

2006 words • 9 minute read