My Life, Right Now

Still living in NYC and still working at Critical Mass. (Side note: we’re hiring; you should come and work with me.)

The last month-and-a-bit has been a little weird. In late January Omelette started having seizures, which—while they weren’t super severe as far as these things go—was still pretty emotionally draining. He had a number over of them over a period of several weeks, and it took a few emergency vet visits, a hospital admission and a change of meds to get things on a more-or-less even keel again. Our vets have been amazing, and it seems like this is not an uncommon occurrence in dogs (apparently, around 5% of all dogs can experience seizures at some point in their lives), but still… it wasn’t fun seeing the little guy in distress and not being able to help him. As it turns out, the main form of management is by using human epilepsy medication; if nothing else, it makes getting prescription refills easy, I guess, but they did knock him about a bit to start. He does seems to be adjusting to them and starting to bounce back, so 🤞🏻.

Running and I are still… not friends. Enough said.

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