My Life, Right Now

Still living in NYC and still working at Critical Mass. (Side note: we’re hiring; you should come and work with me.)

Have been really enjoying my time off over the last week or so, but have been plagued by a sneaking suspicion that I’m not doing enough with it—definitely need to get over that. I have, however, managed to finish off a couple of books that I’ve been reading for way too long.

Unsure what to think about the upcoming new year. This time last year, I was cautiously optimistic about what 2021 would bring, but things really didn’t play out the way I’d anticipated; not necessarily in a bad way, just very, very different.

Still not running… my hamstring hasn’t improved a whole lot, but is better than it was, so I think I’m going to try to get a couple of miles in before the end of the year. If (big “if” there) I want to start running semi-seriously again, I’m going to need to change up my approach to training a bit to incorporate more strength work, especially for my core/hips/glutes to make sure I’m as stable through those areas as I can be. Not the biggest fan of that kind of gym work, though.

(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers. Last update: December 27, 2021.)