Older Notes

Your work will be endless, but your time is finite. You cannot limit the work so you must limit your time. Hours are the only thing you can manage.” Kevin Kelly

How all vacation house shower faucets work:

A diagram showing how narrow the window for a comfortable shower temperature is

(That’s “holiday house” and “shower taps” for those of you who speak the Queen’s English.)

Filed under definitely-not-light-reading-but-sounds-fascinating: Algorithms to Live By by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths. I started reading about sorting algorithms a while back, after seeing a visualization of how different types work (volume down on this one!), but quickly got out of my depth—hardcore computer science is not my strong suit. This looks like it might be an easier introduction to the broader subject.

Ummm, yeah. A lot of good points made in this thread.

I’ve had a long-running admiration of/obsession with Andy Matuschak’s working notes. This is partly based on the systems he uses (both the technical system he has built for himself and the note-taking methodology he uses), and partly because I think I’m generally impressed by people with deep expertise in a subject area—it doesn’t matter what; in Andy’s case, it happens to be the bases of knowledge work, but it could equally be someone who is a master woodworker, or a horologist, or a cobbler, or a PhD.

Is it wrong for a 40-something year old to want a LEGO set for Christmas? Because I would totally ask Santa for this 6,785-piece LEGO AT-AT, except I know Santa, and she would look at me like I’m an idiot if I asked her to get me an $800 LEGO set. But a minifigure-scale model like this is the stuff my dreams were made of as a kid. And it looks so awesome (and so do the build photos in the review)!

Why is it so hard to find a (relatively) simple method to sync a directory on a Mac with a directory on a Linux server over ssh? There are a bunch of complicated ways to do it, but I really can’t be bothered messing about with them right now.

I came across the IndieWeb community recently and have spent a bit of time poking around the site; I’m already on board with ideas like “own your data“, but they also outline a number of other concepts that I think I’d like to explore further and maybe incorporate here, like POSSE.