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The number of sidewalk sheds here in NYC is truly mind-blowing… apparently, there is around 340 miles—nearly 550km!—of them. In what will surprise nobody, it turns out that the reason there’s so much of it is because (spoiler alert!) building owners are cheapskates.

And because scaffolding is a billion-dollar industry (seriously? 🤯) here in the city, I’m guessing it’s not going away anytime soon.

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Watched the first episode of The Book of Boba Fett today; definitely has some strong Mando vibes going on (which is a good thing, IMO).

As an aside, in doing some post-episode Wookieepedia-ing, I found out that in Empire Strikes Back, John Morton, the guy who played Luke’s gunner, Dak, stood in as Boba Fett in a scene when the actor playing Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, (who also appeared in a few Bond films back in the day) wasn’t available.

While I think the there is potential (that we are a very long way from realizing!) in the underlying tech—see previous comments about transfer of wealth/power—I’m more-or-less aligned with Brian Eno’s take on the current state of the “crypto” space:

Much of the energy behind crypto arises from the very strong need that some people feel to operate outside of a state, and therefore outside of any sort of democratic communal overview. The idea that Ayn Rand, that Nietzsche-for-Teenagers toxin, should have had her whacky ideas enshrined in a philosophy about money is what is terrifying to me. Brian Eno

His take on NFTs is also pretty 🔥

From this morning’s WITI: Vulture’s ranking of every James Bond film from worst to best.

While I agree with #26 (Die Another Day was truly terrible film), I do take an exception with Spectre at #17—it definitely ranks in the top half for me—and Tomorrow Never Dies at #9—not as bad as DAD, but still not a good movie. Not sure that I’d rank Casino Royale at #1 either, but it’s definitely a worthy pick.

I should sit down and work out how I would actually rank them all at some stage.

Update: I did it.

I turned on the spatial audio thing on my iPhone/AirPods Pro a couple of days ago; it’s not life-changing, but it is kind of rad. The sound seems to be coming from just in front of and just a little above me… sometimes as I’m listening, I’ll move my head around to hear the effect—anyone looking in my direction at that moment must think I’m a total weirdo.

What an amazing idea! Like, insanely clever… it’s a source of clean water even in relative arid climares, is carbon-negative, and the “waste” it produces can be used help mitigate wildfires.

If—for whatever reason—you feel like ratcheting up your anxiety levels, check out the Busy Simulator and crank up the frequency on each of the apps. I can almost guarantee that your blood pressure will spike in mere moments.

Probably the best rendition of Ringing of the Bells I’ve ever heard by probably my three favorite Muppets of all time (with a cameo from the two who would round out the top five).

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Not entirely sure if this is real or not. If it is, 🤯. And even if it’s not, it’s still pretty funny in a sad-but-true kind of way.