I found myself nodding along with everything Kailash Nadh had to say about the “web3” thing. But let’s set aside for a moment the fact that “web3” is a completely meaningless umbrella term for a collection of mostly user-hostile technologies and skip to the important bit:

To think that web3 (whatever it really is) or any other technology will fix deep rooted human and societal problems is to delude ourselves and to rob ourselves of valuable energy—like some distributed ledger technologies do—that could be used elsewhere meaningfully. We need to put human-first thinking way way above technology-first thinking lest we develop a dangerous tunnel vision that reduces and abstracts human problems into mere technology features and transactions, reduce humans to mere numbers and hashes stored in databases. This is already happening at a large scale around the globe with states increasingly deploying bigger and bigger technologies for (on) citizens. We really ought to apply critical thinking and common sense and read a bit of history to truly understand ourselves before we look to distributed ledgers to fix us. (Emphasis mine.)

That last sentence is pretty much perfect; no amount of decentralization or immutability is going to correct for human shitheadedness… the technology alone will solve nothing. There is nothing inherently wrong with the technology that sits behind the web we have—all of the terrible outcomes we see have been the result of a conscious decision to use that technology to design systems that deliver those terrible outcomes because it’s profitable to do so.

And guess what? Exactly the same thing can happen (and arguably already is happening) with “web3”. There is nothing about “web3” that will prevent people from doing shitty things to other people; anyone saying otherwise is either incredibly naïve or just straight-up lying.

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