I unsubscribed from the Marginal Revolution RSS feed today. I’ve been meaning to do a bit of a cull of my feeds for a while now, but the post titled Are Princeton and Yale imprisoning their students? made it an easy call. First up, it’s a textbook examples of Betteridge’s law of headlines; of course those universities aren’t imprisoning their students.

Yes, the restrictions Princeton and Yale are imposing are hypocritical and (in all likelihood) useless, but to equate those measures with imprisonment, even rhetorically, is incredibly counter-productive. Rather than calling attention to how silly those particular rules are, all articles like this do is give ammunition to the fringe types that scream about any actions that are taken to contain a pandemic that they don’t believe is real.

I thought economists were at least supposed to try (or at least look like they’re trying) to be rational and objective?

Originally posted then updated