100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying. Lots of these I’m cool with:

  1. On the fence about a purchase? Wait 72 hours before you buy it.
  2. Sharpen your knives.
  3. Look closely.
  4. Stretch in the morning. And maybe in the evening.
  5. Don’t have Twitter on your phone.
  6. Always have dessert.
  7. Don’t save things for “best”. Wear them – _enjoy_ them.
  8. Always book an extra day off after a holiday.
  9. Nap.
  10. If in doubt, add cheese.

(#42 should really be “don’t have any social media apps on your phone”.)

Some, I want to try doing more often…

  1. Eat meat once a week, max. Ideally less.
  2. Drop your shoulders.
  3. Listen to the albums you loved as a teenager.

…but I’m calling bullshit on this one:

  1. Don’t be weird about how to stack the dishwasher.

You can pry my OCD dishwasher tendencies from my cold, dead fingers.

And finally, as much as I love the idea, I’m not sure that this one is accurate (at least here in the US, maybe in the UK):

  1. Consider going down to four days a week. It’s likely a disproportionate amount of your fifth day’s work is taxed anyway, so you’ll lose way less than a fifth of your take-home pay.

(Via Kottke)

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