The 1904 Olympic marathon was wild; the runner that was originally thought to have won turned out to have ridden most of the course in a car, and the eventual winner was given strychnine (!!!), egg whites and brandy on the course by his trainers and (unsurprisingly!) had to be carried across the line:

He began hallucinating, believing that the finish line was still 20 miles away. In the last mile he begged for something to eat. Then he begged to lie down. He was given more brandy but refused tea. He swallowed two more egg whites. He walked up the first of the last two hills, and then jogged down on the incline. Swinging into the stadium, he tried to run but was reduced to a graceless shuffle. His trainers carried him over the line, holding him aloft while his feet moved back and forth, and he was declared the winner.

And then there was the dude who lost all of his stuff gambling, hitchhiked from New Orleans to St. Louis to get to the race, then ran "attired in a white, long-sleeved shirt, long, dark pants, a beret and a pair of street shoes".

Out of control.