Color me extremely surprised to read a take like this on an automotive-focused site, but I’m glad someone is saying it: It’s Not the Bike Lane’s Fault You’re a Bad Driver

I’m sorry to break it to anyone who has trouble keeping their car out of a bike lane (or off a concrete barrier), but it’s not the bike lane’s fault you’re a shitty driver. If you hit something stationary, that’s your fault. Pay attention to the fucking road while you’re driving. It’s not too much to ask when other people’s lives are literally at stake.

Needless to say, I gave the comments on this one a wide berth… but I’m pretty sure I could tell you what 99% of them would be like: “buT cYClistS dOn’T pAy rEGiStraTion oR TAxEs”, “bUT cyCLisTs bReAk tRAFfiC lAwS alL tHE dAMn TimE!”, and all the other tired old deflections from the fact that if you’re driving a car, you should be paying attention to what’s going on around you so that you don’t kill anyone.


A wholehearted and unreserved “hell yes!” from me for Cable Sasser’s assertion that Apple Passwords Deserve An App.

In my dumble opinion, Apple should:

  • Break Passwords out into a standalone app, with an actual fully resizable window (!!), and full, proper UI for most of its features
  • Make Passwords a toolbar item in Safari for easy access and to be top-of-mind for the user
  • Stick to a basic feature set, but do that well

Like Sasser, I’m a 1Password user and I share his reservations about where their VC funding will lead them, and was also kind of disappointed by their move from a native Mac app to an Election-based (🤢) one. But for me, the biggest impediment to changing over is how hidden away password management is on Apple’s platforms; and because it’s not right there and easy to interact with, it just doesn’t feel fully-baked, so I’m reluctant to trust it with my passwords (which I know it my own dumb psychological problem, but still).


I don't want to be melodramatic or anything, but I just sliced my thumb with a Post-It note and I think I might be bleeding to death.

Photo: March 28 2023, 12:31pmFortune Cookie

The fortune cookie I got with my lunch today was a little less positive than most.

A photo by Cam titled 'Fortune Cookie'

Photo: March 27 2023, 9:37pmSleepy Little Tongue

A photo by Cam titled 'Sleepy Little Tongue'

Retoot from nixCraft 🐧:

Photo: March 26 2023, 7:02pmSpringtime Vibes

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Toot reply to rands:

My window management strategy:

* Get the window out of my way — CMD-M
* Move the window to left/right/center or full-screen CTRL-CMD-<Key> (Magnet app)
* Pull named window back to front — CMD-SPACE-<NAME> - (LaunchBar app)
* Something bizarre needs to be done that I do infrequently - With a mouse… with deep sadness in my heart. (Deep sadness)

@rands I’ve replaced both Magnet and LaunchBar with Raycast (

Aside from not loving the app icon, it’s been brilliant.

Retoot from Dgar:

I’m old enough to remember the first TED talk.

It was most excellent.

Embedded toot image


This is brilliant, especially the “all I heard were shells… falling, on the concrete” and “slice like a ninja” bits. And the Hugo Weaving bits. Actually, just all of it.

Retoot from Jason Cosper:

This trailer for the Blackberry movie that's going around has got me remembering that Research in Motion’s careers page used to live at ``.

Retoot from

So this is a bit of a mind-bender: the release of Tetris is closer to the World War II than it is to today. WTAF? (via @migurski)


Macro photography and cross-sections? Yes, please.

A picture of the cover of the book ‘Open Circuits’ by Eric Schlaepfer and Windell H. Oskay

Jason Kottke posted a write-up of Open Circuits a few weeks back, and as soon as I saw it, insta-purchase.


I’m trying to wrap my head around the ActivityPub spec with a view to building federation into this site. At first glance, it seems relatively straightforward (at least conceptually), but when you dig in and actually try to implement it, it gets complicated real quick.

I know I could use a service like Bridgy Fed, but a) I don’t want my username to be, which is how Bridgy is set up; and b) where’s the fun in doing that? (Although I may spend some time investigating if there are any Python/Django libraries that could make life easier.)


After trying—and failing—to find ENZSO on every streaming service I could think of, I made my first purchase on Bandcamp today.

The cover art for Eddie Rayner's ‘ENZSO’ album

Such a great album… the orchestral version of Message to My Girl is just incredible.

Photo: March 17 2023, 8:22amI ❤️ NY More Than You

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Retoot from Kieran Healy:

A good way to make yourself feel your brain is broken and you no longer know how computers work is to sit down in front of someone else's machine and try to use it. It doesn't have to be running a different operating system. In fact, the closer it is to yours the worse and more confusing it will feel as you get tripped up by any of the dozens of things you feel are just how computers work but which in fact are some preference you set in 2004 (or 1984) and have taken for granted ever since.

Photo: March 14 2023, 7:03pmHow Close?!

We were lucky enough to be offered my wife’s boss’ season tickets to see the Rangers vs the Capitals… they were amazing! (And the Rangers won!)

A photo by Cam titled 'How Close?!'



Screen capture of a tweet by Dan Saffer, critiquing tech business models: "Too much in tech has become about value extraction, not about value creation."

(As an aside, I’m trying to avoid directing embedding tweets anymore because Twitter is a complete shitshow and when it all falls over, I don’t want my notes to break. Linking screen captures is not an ideal solution, but it will do for now.)

Toot reply to Ben Buchanan:

@campegg David (singer) went out with my sister for a while. Not sure if Custard era, or Who's Gerald era, or both.

@200ok Will concede that that’s a way closer Custard adjacency than mine! 🤯😆