I borrowed stole the rating scale used here from an old version of Frank Chimero’s site; if I don't like a book, I don't finish it and it doesn't make it past "Reading Now", so all of the books that I’ve finished reading are at least somewhat recommended. Books with one heart are ones that I think are really good, and books with two hearts are the literary equivalent of Breaking Bad; i.e. books I won't stop talking about, even long after it has become insanely boring for everybody else.

Note: I used to have affiliate links to bookshop.org here, but changed that after learning that they might not be as good for indie booksellers as they make out. Now most of the links point to Better World Books which—at least until I find out otherwise—seem to be a better alternative. I'm not a member of their affiliate program (and don’t intend to be), so I don't get anything if you click through and buy.