A Blogroll(-ish)-Like Object

I’ve been a big consumer of RSS since forever… when I got my first Mac back in 2003, the very first piece of software I bought was NetNewsWire (which is now free, and still awesome). Since then, I’ve used a bunch of different services and readers, but have been using the Feedbin/Reeder combo for quite a few years now. The list below is pulled from the Feedbin API, so is always an up-to-date view into what I’m reading.

There’s quite a lot of overlap between categories; they’re definitely not mutually exclusive. Basically, if it’s put together by an individual (even if they happen to mostly post about design and/or web stuff), it goes into Blogs, but if it’s a group effort, it gets filed elsewhere. (It all makes sense in my head.) Some of the feeds on this list may be defunct; I need to do a bit of pruning/curation at some point. Recommendations for additions are gladly received—hit me up.