Cam Pegg Thinking Aloud Tempus Fugit

June 5, 2020

It’s been a month since my last post, and while nothing has changed, everything has changed. I’ve got to be honest here… I’m struggling to keep up with all of the things that are happening, much less process them in any meaningful way (and I wonder how different my state of mind would be if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic?). At a societal level, it’s abundantly clear that the status quo cannot be allowed to continue, and at a personal level, there are so many things I need to work to understand better and so many things that I need to work to do better.

On a different note, and in an effort to stay busy, I borrowed an idea Anne-Laure Le Cunff and Tom Critchlow and started cultivating my own “digital garden”. It’s been a slow start—and I’m not especially patient with things like this—but I think maybe that’s not such a bad thing, and expanding slowly might actually work out better for me over the long run.