Cam Pegg Thinking Aloud Dotfiles

May 5, 2020

I (relatively) recently became aware of dotfiles; not so much the fact that they existed, but more that people have been collecting and sharing their configurations for others to use and build on. For the unaware, in Unix-like operating systems, files that begin with a ‘.’ are hidden, and they’re often used to store users’ preferences and configurations. By editing these files, you can customize the way your computer and various applications look and work. This is generally only done by geeky types who actually care about customizing the way their computers look and work.

There are five machines that I use regularly: my work Mac, my personal Mac, the DigitalOcean droplet that hosts this site and a couple of Raspberry Pis that I have at home, so I thought I’d have a go at seeing how much I of my preferred config I can sync between computers. Turns out there’s a fair bit. Also turns out—surprise!—that I enjoy playing with stuff like that.