About Me

I’m an Aussie expat living in New York City with my wife and an epileptic Shih Tzu named Omelette. During the day, I help people solve problems and build useful, intuitive and delightful products and services that other people love to use with my peeps at Critical Mass.

Outside of work, I used to try to get out running as regularly as I could, but got injured training for a marathon, took an extended running hiatus and am now trying to get fit again. I like to use my downtime to read a bit, both electronically and old-school, dead-tree style. I occasionally post notes about what I’m thinking, even more occasionally write some longer stuff, and have also been known to take a photo every now and then (many of which are of the pup).

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me at cam @ this domain. I don’t really do much in the way of social media anymore, but do check in on Mastodon semi-regularly.

About This Site

I wrote a thing about why I built this site a little while ago, but if you’re interested in how, everything here is built on Django with a few other Python scripts running in the background to fetch data. Caveat: I’m not a “real” developer by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s mostly held together by duct tape and wishful thinking.

Previous versions used a bunch of semi-complicated build automation to make everything go, but then I realized that that was a ridiculous thing to do for a personal site, so now I use the least complex setup I can think of.

(And just in case you were wondering, “onomatopoeia” describes a word that suggests the sound it represents, like “boom” or “splat”.)