Cam Pegg

So just who is this Cam dude? Why does he have a website? Why do I even care? These are all very good questions that I don’t really answer below…

About Cam

I like coffee. I don’t like celery.

I’m an Aussie expat living in New York City with my wife and a dog called Omelette. When I’m not at work, I spend a decent chunk of my time running. If you’re interested in my random thoughts, I tweet occasionally (or toot, if that’s more your thing).

(And if you were wondering, ‘onomatopoeia’ describes a word that sounds like its meaning; think ‘splat’ or ‘bang’.)

About this site

I have had a long and weird fascination with content management… not really sure why. My first attempt at building my own CMS was customizing horribly mangling a version of a message board written in ASP, way back in 2001 (and which is now thankfully lost in the ether).

Since then, I’ve played around with a bunch of different publishing platforms at various times, like Greymatter, Movable Type, Chyrp, WordPress and Jekyll. But I always had more fun rolling my own, even if it meant foregoing some of the shinier features.

This particular iteration of (which is up to version I-don’t-know-what) is built using:

  • Django as the base framework
  • MySQL for storage
  • DigitalOcean for hosting
  • Gulp to automate the build stuff
  • The Inter font family
  • Postman to help me mess with various APIs
  • …and lots of duct tape and wishful thinking to hold everything together