Cam Pegg

Hi, I’m Cam.

I’m a digital product and strategy guy working at Critical Mass in New York City. I help people solve problems and build useful, intuitive and delightful products and services.

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Hell Gate Bridge
Still Snowy
That Face
Snowy Morning, Central Park
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A screen capture from my ‘<p>Calculator</p>’ experiment

Experiment #05


This little effort comes with my sincerest apologies to Mr Rams for butchering his work.

A screen capture from my ‘<p>Polar Clock</p>’ experiment

Experiment #04

Polar Clock

Finding out a little more about how to work with D3 to draw and manipulate shapes.

A screen capture from my ‘<p>Magnetic Poetry</p>’ experiment

Experiment #03

Magnetic Poetry

I like those magnetic poetry kits, but I don’t want to stick a bunch of stuff to my fridge.

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Running Around

A map showing the route for ‘Soupy’

June 21, 2021 at 5:56a.m.


  • Time: 52:28
  • Distance: 10.5km / 6.53mi
  • Pace: 4:59/km / 8:02/mi
A map showing the route for ‘Reservoir and Randalls’

June 19, 2021 at 6:09a.m.

Reservoir and Randalls

  • Time: 1:15:05
  • Distance: 15.1km / 9.38mi
  • Pace: 4:58/km / 8:00/mi
A map showing the route for ‘Friday Five’

June 18, 2021 at 6:20a.m.

Friday Five

  • Time: 22:49
  • Distance: 5.43km / 3.37mi
  • Pace: 4:12/km / 6:45/mi
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June 20, 2021

A Lifetime of Systems Thinking

When one reaches 80, one is considered to be ripe and ready for picking. Picking usually consists of the pickers asking the pickee to reflect back on the wisdom he has gained over his lifetime. This request is based on the false assumption that wisdom increases with age.

2,491 words • 11 minute read

June 17, 2021

The perfect number of hours to work every day? Five

When Liverpool marketing agency Agent was asked by the BBC to test a Nordic-style, six-hour working day for a TV programme it jumped at the chance. Inspired by reports of six-hour days in Swedish care homes in 2016, the hope was reduced working hours would lead to new ways of looking after staff wellbeing.

WIRED UK • 1,710 words • 6 minute read

June 14, 2021

Building a More Honest Internet

Over the course of a few short years, a technological revolution shook the world. New businesses rose and fell, fortunes were made and lost, the practice of reporting the news was reinvented, and the relationship between leaders and the public was thoroughly transformed, for better and for worse.

Columbia Journalism Review • 2,729 words • 12 minute read

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